Artificial Intelligence

"Witness the evolution of Artificial Intelligence"

The birth of Astro Boy is the new era of Artificial Intelligence. He is a robot with devastating power, but the human has taught him about feelings and emotions, letting him put his power to good use.

In this collection, we will explore the origin of Astro Boy - The Artificial Intelligence, to create fashion items with tech elements.


"Awesome manga lives within us"

Inspired by Astro Boy’s manga, Japanese comics have an iconic impact on youngsters. Fusion with Japanese manga & fashion, awakening people’s memory of Astro Boy.

As a classic Japan comic & animation IP, this collection merges the painted graffiti & line drafts from comics, together with fluorescence elements, to produce the items with fun.

Old School

"Shout out to the classics"

We pay tribute to the classic sporty style in this collection.

Adopting modern fashion and deconstructing consciousness, interpreting authentic sportswear with the use of eye-catching color.

The Mount Fuji

"Look back into the origin of innovation"

Astro boy as a traditional IP, we look into the cultural background of its origin, generating the harmony of trendy fashion and the culture.

Mount Fuji collection combined Fuji mountain & Ukiyo-E - the unforgettable factor in Japanese culture, continuing the concept of “Evolving conventions” and displaying Eastern style in a new way.

Love & Peace

"I'm sure that science & technology should bring us peace"

Military no longer represents wars, instead of becoming an important role in the fashion and design industry. MA1 & M65 are the best representatives of street fashion.

Love & Peace references the Astro Boy’s bravery and justice as a base concept, using zippers, embroidery to enhance the military style and texture, manufacturing the street fashion pieces with fine details.

Tin Toys

"Stay young inside"

Unleash the concealed memory from the 70s & 80s, painted tin and clockwork toys that accompanied us to grow up with.

Time flies, memories may become retro and nostalgic, but refreshed by the new interpretation of designs.

Treasure the good old days - keep young internally.


"Unchain Unrestricted Unleash"

Talk about street art, there are no boundaries, no rules but freedom.

Inheriting the elements of spray painting and high contrast coloring keeps your style looks energetic and unstoppable.

Be you, be yourself.

Pop Art

"Playful with cheers, simple yet sophisticated"

Pop art is the synonym of relaxation and funky style, down to earth, reflecting our daily life.

Construct complicated scenes with simplicity, using thick outlines of subjects, abstract yet symbolic.

Baby Astro

"Be consistent to your original intention"

When lost in directions, always recall the starting point of ourselves.

Blank pages are not meanings, not emptiness, but packed with possibility, awaiting for you to discover.

Workwear Minimalist

"Hidden Dragon, low-key but not underestimated"

Workwear is always attractive in an unspeakable way.

They might not intend to be a hit to the fashion world, but they are light leaking through the doorways, being non-hideable.