Astro Boy

Astro Boy, also known as "Tetsuwan-Atomu" is a Japanese manga series created by Osamu Tezuka.

Osamu Tezuka is one of the greatest artists in Japanese manga history, which earns him the title of "The Father of Manga".

Astro Boy also managed to become the first animated TV series in Japan history.

Hiroaki Ohya

Hiroaki Ohya(大矢寬朗) is a disciple of Issey Miyake - The master in the fashion design industry. Ohya worked under Miyake's studio after his graduation. And began his personal brand line and exhibit in Paris in 1996.

With his unique design concept, he published his top-of-the-top collection - "Astroboy by Ohya Collection" in 1999. Paying tribute to the greatest Osamu Tezuka.


With the success and impact of "Astroboy by Ohya Collection", ATOMOHYA is created.

The brand name is derived from the Japanese name of Astro boy (鉄腕アトム - Tetsuwan Atom) - "ATOM" and Hiroaki Ohya's family name "OHYA", combined into the latest fashion brand ATOMOHYA.

The first collection of ATOMOHYA - Artificial intelligence is launched in 2018, adopting the image of Astro Boy, fusion with eastern and street fashion elements, a brand new urban clothing is born.